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  • How iBreastExam Works

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    Breast Lumps

    Breast lumps (lesions) are stiffer than healthy breast tissue. Difference in their tissue elasticity is measurable


    Tactile Imaging

    Dynamic Co-Planar Capacitive Sensors in iBreastExam measure these changes in real-time, digitally and non-invasively



    iBreastExam standardizes lump detection with minimal training and without requiring user interpretation



    Quick & painless documentation of routine breast exams inform and empower care providers and women alike

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    With over 25,000 Women Enrolled


  • Science behind iBreastExam

    Invented at Drexel University, Philadelphia


    iBreastExam's Dynamic Co-Planar Capacitive Sensors accurately assess & identify tissue elasticity differences between hard & stiff breast tumors versus normal breast tissue in real-time. The patented tactile sensor technology is a novel, quantitative and low-cost elastic modulus sensor that can measure tissue compression and stiffness by top down touching of the skin surface. iBreastExam’s ability to apply a gentle force and measure the subtle displacements electrically, all within the sensor, makes for an ideal ‘electronic palpation’ sensor for in-vivo breast examination.

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    The translational research and commercialization of iBreastExam is supported by:

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    Coulter Program


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    QED & DHA Programs


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    CURE Grant Award


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    Global Health

    Innovation Grant


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    Innovation Award​


  • Ongoing Large Scale Implementations

    Large-scale implementations in collaboration with public health agencies

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    India (Medical Colleges)

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