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Breast Cancer Awareness at Public Health Ministry of Thailand

Early Detection for women in Thailand by iBreastExam

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UE Lifesciences had the opportunity to be part of the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign organized by Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health from 18th to 20th September, 2018.

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The event was held on 18th September with the opening note by Dr Wachira Pengjuntr, Director General Department of Health at the Ministry of Public Health, followed by an insightful talk on Breast Cancer Scenario in Thailand by Dr. Chonlatit Urairoekkun, Director of Health Promotion Center Region 5.

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Team UE Lifesciences introduced iBreastExam an innovative, non-invasive Breast Lump Detection device to the Ministry of Public Health, Thailand.

Screening was organized from 18th-20th September, at Department of Health, Thailand under the guidance of Dr Sarittha Somsup. Women welcomed iBreastExam test and found the breast health check to be painless and comfortable.

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A total of 213 women between age group of 25 to 69 were screened with iBE. 17 Women were identified with an abnormality.

  • Normal women with no findings were advised routine follow-up. They were educated about Self Breast Examination.
  • Women with positive finding(s) on iBE were referred for mammography as per the standard breast screening protocol of Thailand. 
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We thank the Ministry of Public Health - Thailand for giving us the opportunity to be a part of this Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign. We look forward to working closely to provide access to early detection of breast cancer to all women in Thailand.

The Department of Health shared about the camp experience on their official website. Click Here for a sneak peak of the event.