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Camp at Wadia Hospital in Mumbai

Finding - 14 positive cases!

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Recently we held a Breast Cancer Screening Camp in collaboration with Nowrosjee Wadia Maternity Hospital, Parel on 31st August 2018 - 1st September 2018.

To begin with, the officials involved in making this a success were Ms. Minnie Bodhanwala (CEO), Mr. Reny Varghese (Sr. Project Director) and Dr. Jassawala (Medical Director).

Screening took place in the Gynaec & Ante-Natal OPD, among all women, pregnant women were also coming forward for the screening. They welcomed iBreastExam test and found the breast health check to be pain-less and comfortable.

A total of 209 women with average age of 39 years were screened with iBE and 14 women were identified with a problem and referred for further investigation.

Our team provided awareness about iBreastExam's radiation-free breast health

checks. While the team at the Hospital provided the medical advise and support to the women visiting them.

  • Normal women with no findings were advised routine follow-up.
  • Women with positive finding(s) on iBE were recommended a bilateral breast ultrasound, performed by an experienced radiologist at Wadia Hospital.

Watch the post screening feedback

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