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    Ari Brooks, MD, FACS

    Chief Medical Advisor & Clinical PI | USA

    Dr. Brooks is the Director of Endocrine and Oncologic Surgery and Director of the Integrated Breast Center at Pennsylvania Hospital. As a clinical researcher, Dr. Brooks has over 60 publications and continues to serve as the principal investigator on numerous translational research grants. He was the director of the Surgical Research and Translational Bioengineering Lab at Drexel U.


    Dr. Ari Brooks has been UELS advisor and Clinical PI for over a decade. He continues to conduct clinical research with next generation of UELS technologies and communicate his research with the global community of clinicians and researchers.

    Brian Englander, MD

    Medical Imaging Advisor & Clinical PI | USA

    Dr. Englander is Chairman of the Department of Radiology at Pennsylvania Hospital, specializing in imaging of breast cancer. He is the 2018 Eisenhower Fellow and his research interests focus primarily on the utilization of imaging modalities for the detection and diagnosis of breast cancer. In Aug 2018, he offered a detailed interview to The New York Times in an Op-Ed, “New Way to Detect Breast Cancer” to discuss UELS innovation iBreastExam.


    Dr. Englander is helping UELS to further validate innovations and offers strategic advice on how to integrate with breast radiology.

    Benjamin Anderson, MD, FACS

    Scientific/Research Advisor | USA

    Dr. Anderson is an internationally recognized leader in global cancer control. He is the founder of the Breast Health Global Initiative (BHGI), a unique program to develop “resource-stratified” guidelines for breast cancer control LMICs. Dr. Anderson serves on the Board of Directors of the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) and co-chairs the Breast Cancer Initiative 2.5 (BCI2.5), a global campaign to reduce disparities in breast cancer outcomes for 2.5 million women.


    Dr. Anderson is advising UE LifeSciences to help maximize the impact of its innovations, better understand global breast heath policies and strengthen clinical validation strategies.

    Anne F. Rositch, PhD

    Scientific/Research Advisor | USA

    Dr. Anne F. Rositch is an applied epidemiologist, concentrating on cancer in women and global cancer disparities and conducting international field-based research. For over ten years, her research has focused on cervical cancer in HIV-positive individuals, aging women, and in low-resource settings. Her recent work is focused on identifying novel multidisciplinary and multilevel approaches for breast cancer control in LMICs.


    Dr. Rositch and her team is collaborating with UELS to develop global clinical research strategies to further validate medical innovations developed by UELS.

    Romeu Domingues, MD

    Medical Imaging Advisor | Brazil

    Dr. Domingues is a global radiology thought leader from Brazil and the Chairman of DASA, the largest diagnostics company in Latin America with 20,000 employees, over 2,000 doctors and performs tens of millions of medical exams each year.


    Dr. Domingues is supporting clinical validation for UELS innovations leveraging DASA network. He has keen interest to commercialize UELS products in Brazil under a joint venture.

    Mauricio Costa, MD

    Clinical PI & Advisor | Brazil

    Dr. Costa is the Breast Surgeon President-elect of the Senologic International Society Office Council International Gynecologic Cancer Society. He is Chief of the Gynecological Oncology Sector of HUCFF, Brazil from 1987 to 2016, Chairman of the Board of Medical Center Americas Medical City and the Director of the Section of Mastology of the Brazilian College of Surgeons.


    Dr. Costa is helping UELS to undertake a large implementation study in Brazil and to engage with leading clinicians & societies.

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