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    iBreastExam™ (or iBE) is a game-changing technological breakthrough for countries and regions with rising incidence of breast cancer, most cases presenting at late stages and limited to no access to early detection for most women. iBreastExam™ harnesses the power of innovative sensor technology, software computing and mobile revolution, such that a doctor or any health-worker can offer objective and effective breast examinations, with ease and comfort.


    iBE™ Quick Facts

    • Bilateral breast exam within 5 minutes (with results at the point-of-care)
    • Accuracy to detect clinically relevant breast lesions higher than 85%
    • Usable by any health-worker or doctor. No pain, No radiation.

    *iBE™ is developed by the makers of NoTouch BreastScan™.

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    iBE™ was originally invented at Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA. iBE™'s sensor technology accurately assesses & identifies tissue elasticity differences between hard & stiff breast cancer tumors versus normal, benign breast tissue. The patented tactile sensor technology using Piezoelectric Sensor Array, invented by the scientists and doctors at Drexel University is a novel, quantitative and low-cost elastic modulus (E) and shear modulus (G) sensor that can measure tissue compression and shear stiffness either by top down or lateral touching of the skin surface. iBE™’s ability to apply a force and measure the displacement electrically, all within the sensor, makes for an ideal ‘electronic palpation’ sensor for in-vivo breast imaging.


    Translational research and commercialization of iBreastExam innovation is backed by R&D funding from Drexel University, Coulter Foundation, University City Science Center's QED and DHA Program, Pennsylvania Department of Health's CURE Grant and Unitus Seed Fund's StartHealth Program.

  • Clinical Studies Published in the Indian Journal of Gynecologic Oncology, World Journal of Surgical Oncology & the Journal of American College of Surgeons

    A major clinical study evaluating iBE™ technology was recently published in the Indian Journal of Gynecologic Oncology in June 2016. The study showed that iBreastExam device can significantly enhance clinical breast examination sensitivity (by 19%) while maintaining high specificity and Negative Predictive Value (NPV). The study concluded that iBreastExam can be a promising tool for early detection of clinically relevant lesions at early stages and also useful in younger women with dense breasts. Here's a link to the peer-reviewed publication.


    Another clinical study titled "A cost-effective handheld breast scanner for use in low-resource environments: a validation study" published in the World Journal of Surgical Oncology on Oct 28, 2016. iBE correctly identified 66 lesions demonstrating sensitivity of 86% and specificity of 89%. Here's a link to the peer-reviewed publication.


    The first clinical study evaluating iBE™ technology was published in the Journal of the American College of Surgeons (Volume 216, Issue 6 , Pages 1168-1173, June 2013). This study demonstrated that iBE™ technology could confidently detect invasive lesions/tumors that the physician could not feel with his hands (meaning non-palpable lesions). iBE™ also performed very well in the younger age group (below 40) in detecting small masses. Here's a link to the peer-reviewed publication.

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    On August 20, 2012 the Pennsylvania Department of Health's Commonwealth Universal Research Enhancement (CURE) program awarded UE LifeSciences $878,000 grant award to to further commercialize and clinically validate a low-cost, easy-to-use mobile medical technology that can noninvasively (from the surface of the breasts) detect and classify breast tumors by measuring its mechanical properties, in-vivo.


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