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Manage Breast Health in Your Office

iBreastExam is now available in the USA

While mammograms must wait during Covid19,

breast cancer will not

What can you do for your patients?

Learn how iBreastExam can help you and your patients. After reaching 350,000 women globally, iBreastExam is now being made available in the USA to help better manage breast health for your patients. Our goal is to make the promise of breast cancer early detection a reality, even during a global pandemic.

iBreastExam is a US FDA cleared, hand-held device enabling Physicians to document Clinical Breast Exams reliably, quickly and painlessly.

In multiple clinical studies with over 7,500 women enrolled, iBreastExam is found effective in identifying non-palpable breast lumps, without pain or radiation.

Watch an iBreastExam scan performed by Dr. Ari Brooks, Director of Endocrine and Oncologic Surgery and the Director of the Integrated Breast Center, Pennsylvania Hospital.

iBreastExam is an FDA-cleared technology that measures changes in tissue stiffness warranting further imaging.

It automatically generates documentation – accurately, precisely, with minimal time spent and with no discomfort for your patients.

It is backed by multiple, peer-reviewed studies demonstrating sensitivity and specificity.

iBreastExam lowers your legal exposure by helping you and your patients digitally document the Clinical Breast Exam. You can also share the report with your patients.

“One of the 19 ways to get sued for breast cancer involving the history and physical examination is failing to document history, physical exam, and plan for follow up,” says an MD, FACP and the Founder of a leading physician-owned medical malpractice insurer. iBreastExam makes you a better doctor for your patients and makes them more informed and satisfied that their breast health is being attended to.

iBreastExam has featured in The New York Times, Vogue Magazine, Ted Talks and more

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