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Breast Cancer Screening Camp

at Kannur, Kerala

In collaboration with Malabar Cancer Center

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3000+ women received an iBreastExam breast health check-up in the town of Kannur, Kerala from May 21 to May 31 2018.

Malabar Cancer Centre, Kerala along with UE Lifesciences rolled out a Breast Cancer Screening Programme in Kannapuram Panchayat, Kannur in the Indian state of Kerala from 21st to the 30th of May, 2018. MCC is an autonomous institution under Health and Family Welfare Department of Government of Kerala. It provides a full spectrum of oncological care.

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The Director of Malabar Cancer Centre (MCC) and the Community Oncology team, President and Members of Kannapuram Panchayat, led one of a kind Breast Cancer Awareness and Screening initiative covering nearly 5000 eligible women, which has now become a model that can be replicated across the state and in the country.

This project has demonstrated the fact that, with a willing local self government and a dedicated community oncology team, early detection and prevention can be achieved at minimal costs.

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The programme gained significant attention from the Public, Government agencies, Media, Administrators etc., on how to roll out an awareness and screening project using iBreastExam for early detection of Breast cancers in age eligible women and is now even termed as the “Kannapuram Model.”

"13 of our team members from UELS, camped in Kannapuram for 10 days to support this one of a kind project which was executed to near perfection." - Dr. Ruhi

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During the 10 days Screening Camp at the Kannapuram School, our team screened 3,185 women and identified 203 abnormalities which are currently being followed up at MCC. Treatment of women would be done in MCC under Government Health Schemes.

Dr. B Satheesan, Director of MCC, Dr Neethu & Community Oncology team and Mr Ramakrishnan, President of Kannapuram Panchayat, led this initiative from the front. It is an excellent example of implementation of a social innovation at grass root level with a significant positive impact.